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The Fastest Redemption. Ever.

1. Enter Code

Enter Code screen

2. Pick Product

Select Product screen

3. Enter Address

Enter Shipping screen
Yep. That’s really it! 
  • No shopping cart
  • No categories to navigate
  • No cumbersome checkout
Three clicks and you’re done!


storeBlox XPress Redemption company stores are the fastest, simplest and most affordable solution for any redemption program:

  • Holiday gift stores

  • Popup/flash company stores

  • Employee onboarding

  • Uniform fulfillment

  • Build your own bundle

  • Team uniforms and equipment

Ready to Try it Out?

Need More? Check out these XPress Redemption demos:

Sales Kick Offs

Is your client organizing a kick off event? They may need employees to choose a few items from a larger selection. Redemption stores let you do things like pick three different products out of five to make your own bundle.

A redemption store can update you as you make choices, showing exactly what you have left and allowing you to easily back out a choice when you change your mind.

Holiday Gift Programs

Holiday gift stores are a fantastic way for a company to let employees pick an end-of-year gift for themselves. They’re often filled with incentive products – think Bluetooth speakers and high-end backpacks, for example – but they can have traditional logoed promotional products and apparel as well.

Uniform Fulfillment

When employees need new uniforms or workwear, there is no easier way to handle the selection and distribution than a redemption store. They’re probably picking the garment for their particular role, then choosing a gender and size. Why make them go through a traditional purchase process?